To try to do something
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‘To try to do something’, is a very versatile expression that can pretty much take any verb after it; if the context fits.

It basically means, ‘I am going to try my very best to do (whatever action I am taking about), BUT… I cannot guarantee that I will be successful.’

In the meme we see that the action that they are trying to achieve is to ‘give the impression’ that they are sober.

If you have been drunk and trying to act sober you will know that; at the time you think that you are doing a great job at it, but normally, the reality is that you are making it more obvious that you’re drunk.

Let’s use this expression with a different verb:

I’ll try to speak with Sandra about it first thing tomorrow”

What does this mean?

The literal sentence for this would read something like this:

‘I will speak to Sandra about it first thing tomorrow if I remember’

I will TRY MY VERY BEST to perform an action, BUT I CANNOT GUARANTEE IT! would be a quite satisfactory explanation of this expression.

The other interesting point to take away from this meme is the verb ‘Negotiate’, because when it is followed by a person it takes on the preposition ‘with’

‘Negóciate with the bouncer’

  • Bouncer = The person who controls the entry and exit of people from a club/bar

‘To give the impression of …’ (Pending meme to provide link)



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