To slide something aside & To fit inside something

‘To slide something aside’ means to move something from one position to another horizontally without moving it vertically. For example: The couple sat down at the table in the restaurant but they were struggling to see each other because of an overly sized vase of flowers; undeterred they simply slide the flowers to one side … Read more

Could you repeat that please?

to worry about something

‘To worry about something’ is when you are concerned about what might happen in the future, usually as consequences of actions that have happened in the past. When used in the expression ‘Don’t worry about it’, it means that there is no need to be concerned, everything is fine, there will be no negative consequences … Read more


To step on something

‘To step on something’ is a phrasal verb we use to explain that our foot has come to rest on something; quite often unintentionally. For example: ‘After stepping on a poisonous sea urchin the holiday maker was rushed to hospital.’ Anyone who has ever stepped on a piece of Lego will know that it’s extremely … Read more