Could you repeat that please?

to worry about something

‘To worry about something’ is when you are concerned about what might happen in the future, usually as consequences of actions that have happened in the past. When used in the expression ‘Don’t worry about it’, it means that there is no need to be concerned, everything is fine, there will be no negative consequences … Read more

I’m full!

To be stuffed

This meme is a play on words, ‘To be stuffed’ after you have eaten is used to express that you have perhaps eaten more than you should have and that you are indeed rather full. For example: Mary: “Paul, would you like some more apple pie?” Paul: “Thanks Mary but I couldn’t possibly eat anymore; … Read more

Sweet dreams!

to dream on

This meme uses word play, it takes the literal meaning of ‘dream on’ and the expressive meaning of ‘dream on’. There are a few examples of where adding the preposition ‘on’ after a verb to make a phrasal verb results in the preposition ‘on’ being understood as ‘continue’. For example: go on – go ahead/continue … Read more