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to worry about something

‘To worry about something’ is when you are concerned about what might happen in the future, usually as consequences of actions that have happened in the past.

When used in the expression ‘Don’t worry about it’, it means that there is no need to be concerned, everything is fine, there will be no negative consequences of that action.

For example:

Anna: “I’m really sorry! I just ran into your patio window and it broke.”

Ian:Don’t worry about it, the important thing is that you didn’t cut yourself.”

In this meme, the old man hears ‘deaf’ instead of ‘death’ because he’s hard of hearing, so he tells Death that there is no need to appologise; he himself has a hearing problem.

The word ‘sonny’ is a variant of the word son when talking to people younger than yourself. You would not however use the word ‘sonny’ when talking with your actual son.

‘To be hard of hearing’ – awaiting corresponding meme


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