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To have time on your hands
Image by Nikolay Dievski

To have time on your hands’ is an expression we use to express that we have time, we aren’t in a rush. For example,

“Patrick is always very busy but when he has time on his hands he likes to play the piano.”

Thyme is a common herb used in kitchens all over the world, and although its spelling is different, its pronunciation is exactly the same as ‘time’. So the joke is that in the photo we see someone with ‘thyme on their hands’.

If we use ‘to have time on one’s hands’ together with ‘Too much’ we insinuate that perhaps that person could be using their time more productively. For example:

Brian: “I’ve counted the exact number of spaghetti hoops from a total of 10 cans, did you know that the average number of hoops found in each can is 952?”

Carl: “Brian you have too much time on your hands! Have you thought about taking up a hobby?”


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