Going crazy!

to be nuts. You are what you eat.
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This meme has two different English expressions, ‘you are what you eat’ and, ‘to be nuts’.

‘You are what you eat’ is an expression that we use to to express the importance of a good diet; obviously if you eat nothing but hamburgers and fries it will take its toll on your body. Likewise, if you eat plenty of fruits and vegetables your body will be grateful. For example:

Geof: “I bumped into Juan the other day, I hadn’t seen him for a while. He’s put on a lot of weight!

Derick: “Well he does like his tacos!”

Geof: “I suppose; you are what you eat!


‘To be nuts’ is an expression that we use to indicate that a person is crazy. For example:

“Be careful if you’re going on a night out with Ben, he’s nuts!


To take its toll – (Pending meme to reference to)

To put on weight – (Pending meme to reference to)


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