I’m full!

To be stuffed
Image by Coffee and Jelly Beans

This meme is a play on words, ‘To be stuffed’ after you have eaten is used to express that you have perhaps eaten more than you should have and that you are indeed rather full.

For example:

Mary: “Paul, would you like some more apple pie?”

Paul: “Thanks Mary but I couldn’t possibly eat anymore; I’m stuffed!”

More literally, ‘To be stuffed’ means to force something into an object in order to fill a space.

For example:

‘That quilt is expensive because it’s stuffed with real goose feathers’

In this meme the joke is that the turkey is ‘stuffed’ meaning that it has had it’s internal space filled with stuffing* in the manner traditional for roast dinners.

* stuffing is a dish that accompanies roast poultry dishes, and which is cooked inside the hollow of the bird, which is from where it gets its name.


To be fullĀ – Awaiting related meme


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