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drop someone off
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This kitten is obviously entering its teenage years because it doesn’t want to be seen with its parents, in this case, its mum.

‘To drop someone off’ means to take someone in your transportation (usually a car or motorcycle) and then leave them at their destination.

It is common that someone is dropped off while the person who owns the transportation is traveling to somewhere else that is in roughly the same direction; but not necessarily, it is perfectly acceptable to make a journey to somewhere with the sole purpose of dropping that person off.

If however the person to be ‘dropped off’ is left at their destination, and the person who the transportation belongs to is going somewhere else, it is very common to find this phrasal verb along with the phrase ‘on the way’. ‘On the way’ here simply indicates that Both destinations are on roughly the same route.

For example:

I’m going to Birmingham tomorrow, if you like I can drop you off in Coventry on the way, it’s very close.

‘On the way’ – Awaiting related meme


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