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ahead of one's time
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´To be ahead of one’s time´ means to be thinking further into the future that almost anyone else.

To that end, one might say that Archimedes was ahead of his time for many of his inventions, for example the Archimedes Screw; Jeff Besos might be considered ahead of his time for realizing the potential of online commerce, when many at the time were seeing the birth of the internet as a passing fad, or a bit of a ´dead duck´.

In this example, the ´Shakespeare Quote of the Day´, was actually an error message from the computer telling the user that there had been a problem with the server. Considering that Shakespeare was a sixteenth century writer and computers hadn’t even been invented yet, this was very forward thinking indeed; making him clearly ´ahead of his time´.

´Dead duck´ – waiting for link to a corresponding meme


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